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  • Surfers Against Sewage

    Published 16/06/23, by James Fisher

    We have introduced Surfers Against Sewage to The Piggott School. The Surfers Against Sewage Team are determined to make a difference in our local and school environment now!

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  • Letter to parents

    Published 31/03/23, by Admin


    Dear parents and carers


    What a busy half term it has been! I must admit I was hoping for some sunnier weather, but hopefully Spring will arrive soon. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your on-going support. I appreciate the last few years have been somewhat challenging, and we are so proud of your support in enabling us to continue to offer not just a quality curriculum for your children but also some wonderful extra-curricular activities. As I have sat down to write this letter, I made a quick list of some of the experiences our students have been offered since February half term. It is a lengthy list!

    Year 13, Year 8 and Year 12 have all been out on ski trips throughout February and March. The most recent has been the year 12 trip to Canada. The Year 10 ski trip has departed only this morning. They have all had the most fabulous time and created some lasting memories. Other members of our school community have also travelled abroad, this time off to France as part of the French exchange. This is such a unique experience for the students, and one which really helps with language acquisition and provides opportunities to experience a different culture. Thank you to anyone that housed a French student recently as part of the exchange, I hope the experience was enriching.

    A group of year 8 students were lucky enough to attend a successful outdoors activity day at Wellington College. This is the first time we have attended such a day and we will definitely go again if the opportunity arises. The students worked on team building, resilience and confidence. The teachers accompanying the students were super proud of the determination when it came to the high ropes and some students surprised themselves with how high they could climb!

    It has been a few years since we have been able to run the lessons from Auschwitz project but I am delighted to say that this year some year 12 students had the unique opportunity to learn about the history of the Holocaust through a bespoke programme, including a one day visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. The students commented about how impactful this trip was. Sophie commented that, “I don't think it's possible for a human to comprehend what it would have been like to be in this situation, I can't imagine there'll ever be sufficient education about the Holocaust to do the sheer size of the devastation any justice.” Evie expanded on this by saying, “I was fortunate to have had this opportunity with Lessons from Auschwitz; it was a very insightful experience. From learning about pre-war Jewish life to going more into depth about the tragedy of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, I am proud to be an official ambassador.” The year 12 students are currently considering how best they can share this insight with the wider school community. 

    I had the privilege of attending a special performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on 14th March, performed by our very own students. I was unbelievably impressed by our students. It was fantastic watching our young people on a real stage supported by some fantastic Piggott crew! Well done to all the students involved and to the Drama department for facilitating such a fantastic opportunity. Drama and performances can be extremely beneficial to our young people. The skills learnt and used in Drama, such as problem solving, collaboration, creativity and resilience, are well sought after in career and employment areas. By participating in opportunities such as this, students can build skills for life as well as broadening their own cultural capital. Similarly, the music department have put on several splendid events this half term. Jazz Day went beautifully, and it was a real treat for students to be so immersed in the music and performance. The Spring concert is a highlight in the school calendar. I hope you enjoyed the performance as much as I did. Learning about music and having the opportunity to play musical instruments and make music together is a vital part of a rich and rounded education. It has also been proven that music plays a key role in brain development. Well done to the small but massively committed music department.

    As a school our Christian vision is to ‘Go and Do Likewise’. This half term we have been considering what that means and how we can Go and Do Likewise in our community. The idea of this vision is to kind and compassionate to others, to show mercy, to be charitable. With this in mind, we had held a few charitable events this half term. The school council wanted to raise money for the devasting Earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey. Be holding a non-uniform day and a successful bake sale we managed to raise £1865 for this cause. Furthermore, we have raised awareness of a local charity, The Cowshed, who support our most vulnerable in society. We have been asked by the charity to collect new underwear and socks and new, unopened toiletries to support those who are in need. People that are locked in poverty must make terrible choices between eating, paying rent, keeping warm or keeping clean. The Cowshed has asked for our help to support our most vulnerable members of society. We are asking for any donations to be dropped off at school by the end of April. We have also held a non-uniform day to support this local charity. The PSA have also been collecting for Easter eggs for Readifood collection. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity. In an ideal world we would not even need charities, but until then we must work together to create a more equal and just society.

    Furthermore, our students have also been politically active this half term. Not only do we have an active school council, but we also have students on the Wokingham Youth Council. This term they have attended the first Wokingham Council Youth Politics Event. Students were able to debate topics that are relevant to them in the Wokingham Council Chambers in front of the councillors. What a fantastic opportunity and well done for showing such courage, an important school value.

    We are looking forward to the next Duke of Edinburgh expeditions that are due to set off after the Easter break. We are running both Bronze and Silver expeditions. Undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh award gives you skills, confidence and develops important ‘soft skills’ that are so desirable in the work place. With this in mind we have introduced The Piggott Passport for year 7. This is designed around the Duke of Edinburgh award as an introduction for year 7 students. The idea is that students complete at least one activity from each of the four sections; volunteering, skills, physical and adventure. We have designed this Passport so that all students are able to achieve the award and perhaps find a new interest or hobby along the way!

    This half term has also seen some inspirational events designed to widen the curriculum for our students. We have had both World Book Day and Science week. It has been rather interesting to try to guess what atom our science teachers were dressed up as! It certainly took a little imagination for some of them! The well-known World Book Day is an important event to raise awareness of the importance of literacy. It is shocking to realise that around half a million children in England don’t own a single book. Literacy is, of course, a fundamental skill and something that we promote every single day in school and we will continue to promote the love of reading. Science week has facilitated some real life exposure to Science professionals to enable our students to celebrate the diversity of the carers available in the field of science.

    After the Easter break we will be coming closer and closer to the main examination series. We wish our students the very best for their examinations. We hope students use their time effectively and efficiently but our advice, as always, is to look after ourselves and taking breaks and do things that bring us joy. If you would like any advice about supporting your children’s well-being please see our website: To better understand the curriculum please see our website: The Piggott School - Curriculum.

    We have every faith in our students, and we will continue to support them to the best of our abilities.

    Wishing you a joyous Easter Break

    Michelle Bird

    Assistant Headteacher

    Lead on Character Education

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  • 20th Feb 2023

    Published 20/02/23, by James Fisher

    Dear Parents and Carers

    I hope you had a relaxing half term. What a relief that we are now firmly in February! The long cold days of January have passed, and Spring days will be with us very soon. Whilst in this mood of reflection I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on some the amazing events that have taken place recently at school or within our community. I think back to my school days fondly. The subject knowledge, skills and lessons I learnt every day have opened doors for me and have enabled me to progress in my career choices. However, it was the extra-curricular opportunities that were offered to me that I remember the most. This is what helped shape my character. As Tim Peakes said “Character is important – a CV may get you the interview, but character will get you the job.” Character Education and Cultural Capital are crucial aspects of development for our students and as such our staff really do their utmost to support the holistic learning of our students.

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  • Letter to parents November 2022

    Published 17/11/22, by David Thatcher

    Dear Parents and Carers

    The autumn term in school is probably one of the busiest. Whilst we are setting the pace for learning in the classroom for the academic year, we are also focused on learning beyond the classroom. We are constantly looking for further opportunities for personal development and holistic learning for our students, expanding our offer of Character Education and Cultural Capital for all.

    During the periods of lockdown and restrictions on group work due to Covid, many of our practical subjects were unable to offer the broad co-curricular programme that our students have enjoyed in previous terms. This term all of the clubs have started again and we have been excited to see students from all year groups engaging in the enrichment learning that we offer. Whether they have chosen to join the board games club, our extensive number of music clubs, represent in a PE team or attend the mindfulness art group, we know that our students will deepen their communication skills, increase their competency and make new friends during this time. We have had over 200 students apply to be part of the Duke of Edinburgh programme, making us one of the biggest providers in a main stream school in this area of the country.

    During activities day on 19th October, our students took part in learning that invested in their own personal growth. Activities included planning for the future through the creation of CVs and Personal Statements, developing their knowledge of study skills in preparation for examinations, receiving career presentations from outside speakers or learning more about the world of Business and Media. All of these activities are designed to help our students broaden their horizons and learn on a wider map. Year 7 have been reading The Wizard of Oz during tutor time this term and I was fortunate to join them on a trip to the West End to see an outstanding performance of Wicked. As a special treat, we were invited to meet the cast at the end! Thank you to all of our staff who planned for this excellent day of rich learning.

    This coming term hosts many events to look forward to. This week, we are looking forward to welcoming Year 11 students to our Sixth Form Open Evening and at the end of the week, during the school day our Remembrance Service. We will pause to reflect and give thanks to those who gave their lives for our country and those who continue to serve us in the armed forces. The following week on Friday 18th November, we invite you to join us for the annual Christmas Fayre, marking the start of our Christmas events. Another date for your diary is the Christmas Carol Service in St Mary’s, Wargrave on Thursday 8th December. We are always extremely proud of the beautiful performances offered by our students at this special event. You will receive more correspondence as the term progresses regarding details and arrangements for the events mentioned above, we hope to welcome you to some of them in due course.

    As you know, our Christian Vision for the school community is rooted in the love and compassion of the directive from Jesus of ‘Go and do likewise’. We speak of love and compassion in school on a daily basis, and we work hard with our students to encourage them to feel and understand the impact that kindness to others can have. On occasion, some students may forget that this is expected of them, and we remain committed to supporting them in re-aligning their behaviour and making better choices. These discussions will always be in conjunction with their parents, placing a team around the child to instigate change for the better. We have found, however, that some of this restorative work is being undermined by the use social media. Please can I encourage you to speak with your child regarding their use of social media and ensure that they are understanding of the impact of the language or actions that they might take. In addition to this, I would encourage parents to contact the school directly if they have a concern regarding the behaviour of a young person rather than using a social media platform. If you contact the school, we will act promptly and work alongside you towards a resolution to your concern.

    Finally, we are acutely aware of the pressures that some families are currently facing. As we move into the winter months with shorter days, it is sometimes harder to feel connected with family, friends and the local community. The recent changes in government leadership, the economic challenges and additional financial pressures that are being placed on families in relation to the cost of living can increase stress and worry in our lives. Please contact us if you require support, we would be pleased to help if we can. We have always strived to maintain strong partnerships with our parent body. Face to face connection and the building of trust is key to making our partnership work. Our relationship with you, as the parents of our students, remains a priority.

    I look forward to welcoming you into our school, this term and across the year, at some of the exciting events we have planned.

    Thank you for your on-going support.

    Rebecca Alexander
    Deputy Headteacher

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  • September Welcome Letter

    Published 20/09/22, by David Thatcher

    Following a warm and sunny summer break, the month of September is progressing at a rapid pace. The darker mornings and much needed rain certainly signify the start of autumn. It was wonderful to welcome our students back to school last week. Year 7 look extremely smart in their new uniform and they have continued to impress us with their commitment, resilience, and determination to manage all that is new. I know that they are going to become valued members of our school throughout their Piggott journey. I would also like to welcome our new Year 12 cohort. On the back of some fantastic GCSE results, we were delighted to enrol many internal and external applicants to our 6th form. We look forward to getting to know them all over the coming term.

    It has been my privilege to lead our worship assemblies this week. All year groups have a formal assembly in the main hall every week, during which they are encouraged to pause, reflect and take some time to invest in their spiritual growth. As a Church of England School, our worship assemblies are based upon a passage from the bible, but the assemblies are invitational and inclusive in their nature. If a young person has a faith, they can use the time to grow their faith and pray. For students with other world views, it is a time to consider and reflect on their own values and beliefs, focusing on the moral message of the assembly. Whilst our school is wholly committed to academic excellence, our priority is to educate young people holistically and ensure that they have ‘deep roots’ and stability in order to weather the challenges that they will experience in life.

    Our Christian Vision is based upon The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37). I would encourage you to read the passage in full, but I would like to take this opportunity to remind our families as to why we chose the directive of ‘Go and do likewise’ for our school community. The passage begins by sharing the word that is written in the law. ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. And love your neighbour as yourself’. We want the foundation of our school to be based upon love and compassion. A school where everyone actively seeks the opportunity to show empathy and deep understanding for each other, with no discrimination or prejudice. A community where acceptance and the celebration of diversity is at the heart of its practice. The story of The Good Samaritan is one of selfless charity for a neighbour in need. It is our hope that all members of our community will use the school values to offer charity to those in need but also be brave enough to seek help for themselves when they need it. We are extremely proud of the students in our school, and we know that they are the generation who will be positive advocates for change. It is the directive from Jesus to ‘Go and do likewise’ that will empower our students to model empathy, compassion and love whilst leading the world towards improved outcomes.

    As the period of national mourning comes to an end on Monday, the world will join to offer thanks for the life and service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, she would always refer to her strong, deep faith when addressing an assembly. Her faith gave her purpose, strength and clarity as a leader. Her kindness, empathy and warmth has been described by all who met her. She was a humble leader who accepted her destiny and described herself as ‘your servant’. Dutiful, faithful, and constant. The Queen dedicated her life, through her faith, to ‘Go and do likewise’. May she rest in peace.

    Throughout the school week, there are many planned, and unplanned, opportunities for our students to experience personal growth and be still. Every morning, we will come together for a collective act of worship during tutor time at 8.40am. The school will be collectively silent for two minutes, allowing all its members to have time to pray, be mindful or reflect on the day ahead. Some silence and stillness can be very powerful in restoring positive mental health. During this time, students will be reminded to forgive themselves for mistakes that may have been made and to focus on celebrating success, noticing what is going well. Encouraging our students to notice, ponder on the bigger questions in life and share is a fundamental part of their development and wellbeing.

    Over the past two years, we have been overwhelmed by the support of our parents and the wider community. There have been challenging times for us all, but we have been grateful for the faith and trust that you have had in us whilst we have navigated through unknown waters. We are extremely proud of the resilience shown by staff and students through this period, and we remain committed to you, our families, to provide the very best partnership and learning experience for the young people in our care.

    As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any support. We look forward to welcoming you into school across the year at some of the exciting events we have planned.

    Thank you for your on-going support of our school.

    Yours faithfully


    Rebecca Alexander

    Deputy Headteacher

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  • End of year 2022

    Published 13/07/22, by James Fisher

    As the end of term approaches, I write to reflect on such a positive year. The journey out of Covid remains a challenging one and we will continue to meet barriers and restrictions as we try to return to some normality. It does, however, feel really good to start to re-connect with others, enjoy social time together and remember the benefits of meeting face to face.

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  • World book day

    Published 07/03/22, by Admin

    Dear Parents and Carers

    As we enter the month of March, Spring is on the horizon. Longer hours of daylight and the beauty of snowdrops and daffodils offer a promise of warmer weather and brighter days. We hope that the stormy days and rain are behind us and that the sun will eventually break through. The spring term in school is normally a short but busy term. I am writing today to share with you some of the highlights so far and also to bring our community together to consider how we can show empathy and solidarity with those in crisis.

    Yesterday was World Book Day and it was brilliant to see the costumes on display and ‘book talks’ taking place across the school. We would like to show our gratitude to the newly formed PSA for their commitment in supporting us with this. At breaktime and lunchtime, they sold hot chocolate to raise funds and hosted a ‘book swop’ for students to explore new texts. Thank you to all the parents and staff involved. We are all aware of the importance of reading and how it can open the world to us, broadening our understanding on a wider map.

    As the Covid restrictions begin to lift, we have been excited to return to some of our normal practice this term. The re-introduction of face to face assemblies has been welcomed. We know that this learning time is crucial when building a sense of identity and community spirit in each year group. It is also a time for personal growth, the development of values and the consideration of support for one another. We are acutely aware of the impact that the last two years has had on the well being of members of our school community and in line with our vision, we will be using assembly time to build resilience, self-belief and security for our young people.

    The pace and immediacy of the world that our students live in can present challenge. Digital platforms and social media can provide learning and debate for us all, but as adults we are aware of the negative aspects that can also be generated. As a school we remain committed to ensuring that we address these concerns, challenge misconceptions, and educate young people to be safe, informed and courageous in the decisions they make. In recent months we have benefitted from visits by professional organisations and charities to support us in this work. ‘Soulscape’, a Wokingham charity, gave a workshop with our KS4 students regarding understanding pornography in society and, on Tuesday this week, all students from Year 7 – 11 enjoyed a performance from the boy band, ‘Here At Last’. They offered an unplugged concert and spoke to the students about cyber bullying and online safety. The feedback from these sessions has been extremely positive.

    We have also valued a series of workshops with the local charity, Brave Minds. This charity has a range of goals centred in supporting schools and sports organisations in keeping the promotion of positive mental health at the heart of their community. This charity has been founded by the Rugby community and it has a number of professional Rugby players as its ambassadors. Their aim is to address the cultural challenge for young men and explore ‘toxic masculinity’ in the broadest sense. They have given a small group of Year 10 boys space to talk, learn and reflect on their mental health and behaviours whilst learning about themselves and who they want to be. We hope to continue our partnership with this charity - #togetherwecan.

    Finally, I would like to share with you our response to the conflict taking place in Ukraine. This week, tutors and teaching staff have been ready and prepared to offer time and space for our students to discuss the situation. Using the ‘Windows, Mirrors, Doors’ structure, we have encouraged the students to begin by ‘looking through the window’ at the facts. They have been encouraged to explore the historical and political context, whilst ensuring that they are using reliable sources. Following this, they ‘look into the mirror’ and consider their own thoughts, reflections and questions regarding what they have learned and the impact of the situation. Finally, ‘the door’ supports the students in considering what steps they might take next in response to their learning. In line with our vision of ‘Go and do likewise’, they consider what opportunities are possible in order to make a difference.

    We would like to show love and compassion to those who have been affected by the events in Ukraine. This morning, the Student Voice Council will meet and discuss how they believe we should respond as a school community. We are aware that many organisations are accepting donations of resources but we will also consider the possibility of a donation of funds to The British Red Cross or UNICEF, as an additional way of getting support to those who need it. The Student Council will be writing to parents and students to share their intentions and will ask for your support in due course. We hope that you will be able to support their plans, should you be able to. We will continue to pray for all of those in need, focusing on strength, love and hope to carry them forward.


    Thank you for your on-going support of our school.

    Yours faithfully

    Rebecca Alexander

    Deputy Headteacher

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  • Christmas is coming!

    Published 15/12/21, by Admin

    As I write, I am looking out of my office window at the students enjoying the Mince Pie Relay on the Wargrave field. It is wonderful to see them having fun and showing team spirit but the best part is hearing their laughter at the end of a long autumn term.

    Christmas is coming!

    It has been a busy term, and despite the obvious challenges from COVID, the school community should be really proud of all that it has achieved. Staff and students alike have worked very hard to set the pace for this new academic year, determined to keep expectations high and achieve the very best outcomes for everyone. The pace has been fast and the commitment to learning has been relentless. You have all modelled our school values of courage and dedication superbly. It can be hard to maintain stability in school, when the COVID landscape is so unpredictable, but together we are stronger and we will continue to plan for the very best learning experience in school for everyone.

    The Autumn term is traditionally the busiest for events in the school calendar. This year, events have included Virtual Welcome Evenings for prospective Year 7 and Year 12 students, Post-16 career interviews with friends of the school from the world of work and visiting drama companies educating our students about the dangers of peer-on-peer abuse.



    There has been success in sport and music and we were able to, once again, enjoy offsite learning on activities day. Our students have supported us with tours around the school and their feedback has been very much valued when interviewing prospective staff. They remain our very best ambassadors and we are extremely proud of them.



    In November, it was with a heavy heart that we decided to cancel the Christmas Fayre due to safety concerns. We know that all of the students, and the staff, really enjoy this event and it is usually a very strong fund raiser. With a newly formed PSA (Piggott School Association), this was particularly disappointing for the parents who had come on board this term to support us. Not to be beaten, we looked for alternative options and, on the 3rd December, the new PSA co-ordinated an ‘Outdoors and COVID friendly’ Christmas Fayre for Year 7. It was wonderful. It had to be seen to be believed but approximately 220 students designed, managed and enjoyed a variety of stalls in the netball courts raising money whilst having fun. There was a hot chocolate stand, a chance for Christmas selfies, lots of cake and even a chance to shoot a goal. It was a brilliant afternoon and we are so grateful to all of the parents and friends of the school who made it such a success. We are looking forward to the next project!

    On Friday, at approximately 12.40pm, our school will close for the Christmas break. A well-deserved break for all. There will be mixed emotions from staff. The prospect of a pause from planning and marking will be welcomed but I know that they will miss and think of our students many times over the two-week period. The partnership and relationships built in a school are the foundation of why teaching is so special.

    Our Christmas Service this year has been recorded and it is my pleasure to share it with you today. This year the theme focuses on peace and being ‘stronger together’. Periods of isolation have been difficult for us all and we must remind one another that we will find strength in each other when we need it. I hope that you enjoy it.

    Finally, I would like to say thank you. We are so grateful to have such a supportive parent community. It has been a difficult time for us all, in many different ways. Each of our challenges are real and we must never be afraid to ask for help. As the holiday season begins, many of us will pause in gratitude for all that we have but there will be those who find this time difficult. Worry, stress, grief and loneliness can be significant hurdles in our lives and we must stay vigilant to those around us, showing kindness and compassion when it is needed. We may also carry COVID related anxiety. For this, I turn to Charlie Mackesy for guidance.

    He says ‘When the big things feel out of control, focus on what you love right under your nose’. Surround yourself with those you love. Some might say that it is not about the journey or the destination in life but more about the company.

    We wish you a wonderful and restful Christmas. We will look forward to seeing you in the new year.

    Yours sincerely

    Rebecca Alexander

    Deputy Headteacher

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  • A break from the norm - Activities Day 2021

    Published 17/11/21, by Admin
    Activities Day 2021

    The week before half-term was full of fun and adventure for students who have long awaited a trip beyond the school gates!

    On Thursday 14 October, more than 710 students across Years 7, 9 and 13 had the opportunity to venture out of the classroom to enjoy a change of scenery with friends. Meanwhile, students in Years 8, 10, 11 and 12 took part in a range of activities on site.

    Marwell Zoo – Year 7

    215 Year 7 students visited Marwell Zoo and were mostly excited about the freedom they had to explore the zoo with their friends. I enjoyed “getting to go around the park with my classmates and having some freedom over what we did over the day.”

    The giraffes and sloths were a particular hit.  “I enjoyed seeing lots of different animals but especially the sloths and the giraffes. Sloths are my favourite animals” and “I enjoyed the rainforest section because it was realistic, and I saw a really cool sloth!”

    Business and Media Day – Year 8

    Year 8 students stayed onsite on activities day but had a busy day engaging in creative group tasks and learning more about the GCSE subjects of business and media. Below is an account of the day by three Year 8 students:

    The purpose of this day was to create interest and let us learn what some of the most common GCSE topics were about. This included Business and Media. During the day we worked on creating a pitch and presentation for our own custom subscription box, which included aspects of Business and Media during each of the sessions. We switched between the two subjects adding different elements to each of them until the end of the day when we decided who had created the best pitch and subscription box out of the year group. This day has taught us how to create an effective and persuasive pitch, come up with reasonable prices, target audiences and advertisements. We also showed compatible cooperation within our team and worked together so that everyone could achieve more. We all enjoyed activities day because it brought out our hidden problem- solving skills and our teamwork together.

    By Milla, Chloe and Archie, Year 8

    Year 8 Activities Day Gallery 2021

    Thorpe Park – Year 9

    192 students Year 9 students had an adrenaline pumping day riding the rollercoasters of Thorpe Park on Activities Day and many students surprised themselves with their courage to try something new.

    One student commented, “The best thing was coming way out of my comfort zone and trying new things. (In this case it was rollercoasters)”. Another student admitted that the best part of the day was “going on rides that I would not normally go on as I am scared of heights, but I enjoyed them and my friends helped me get over my fear.”

    Students relished the freedom of walking around the park without supervision, for one student the highlight was “being able to do anything once we got there with friends and being able to be on our own without teachers.”

    Overall, this student summed up the day as a success because it was a “chance to take a break from learning and spend time with my friends outside of an educational environment.”

    Positively Mad – Year 11

    Positively Mad motivational speaker, Jay had Year 12 students eating out of his hand by the end of the day with his inspiring and dynamic delivery providing a multisensory, interactive experience challenging students to see learning in a new light and to see their learning as a positive, enriching experience.


    Bath and Royal Holloway University – Year 13

    Most of our Year 13 students had a glimpse of university life with a visit to Bath and Royal Holloway University. While there, students had first-hand experience of a university lecture, had the chance to ask students and staff questions in a Q&A session and were about to take a look around the campus facilities and get a feel for life on campus.

    The highlight was “talking with some of the students about their experience at Bath”, “asking the ambassador questions about my specific subject” and “experiencing a lecture to get a feel for how they are given.”

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  • It's good to be back

    Published 10/09/21, by Admin

    As I write, I am looking out of my office window at the rain falling. It appears that summer has gone! I am writing to offer a warm welcome to all of our families at the start of the new academic year. I hope that the summer break provided our students with some time for relaxation and recuperation. It has been such challenging 18 months in many ways for us all. We are mindful that the pandemic has taken its toll on the mental health of many members of our community and we will continue to do all that we can to facilitate our students and staff in securing their resilience through partnership, friendship and support.

    It was wonderful to see all of Year 7 to 11 arriving for school this morning. Beautifully presented and ready to learn. We are very much looking forward to a full house on Monday when Year 12 and 13 join us. We have been grateful for your patience and understanding regarding the staggered start to term. Safety remains our priority and we are committed to following the guidance from the Department for Education. The testing centre has, once again, been instrumental in ensuring that we have identified asymptomatic cases and minimised the risk of transmitting the virus amongst the school community. We have registered 39 positive cases amongst the staff and student body. This large number could have resulted in a local outbreak in school but the staggered start has prevented that from happening. Our risks assessments have been updated and are available on the website if you wish to view them. We will continue to ensure that we are focused on hygiene, distancing and ventilation as crucial control measures on our site. The wellbeing and safety of all will remain at the centre of our decision-making and planning moving forward.

    The return of the students today has brought laughter, energy and renewed purpose back into our school. We are extremely proud of the young people we work with and our staff consider it a privilege to be part of their learning journey. As a Church of England School, we have a strong vision for the personal development of our students. Our vision comes from the teaching of the Parable of the Good Samaritan. It is ‘Go and do likewise’. We will encourage and empower our students to live their lives with love and compassion whilst asking for help when they need it. As a school, we are focused on the very best outcomes for our students, both academically and personally. All that we do aims to provide opportunity for personal growth, spirituality and happiness.

    The Piggott Church of England School is a company limited by guarantee Registered in England and Wales, registration number 7682284 The Piggott Church of England School is an exempt charity. Through our curriculum, assemblies and tutor time, we will be encouraging our students to develop their own values and beliefs. Our school values of Courage, Respect, Honesty, Dedication, Equality and Love define our behaviours towards each other. This year, we will continue to provide space and time for our students to learn about the world around them. We will encourage them to be curious, articulate and forward thinking. They will learn to advocate for what they believe is right, listen to others and develop an understanding of how to lead change through educating those around them. All of these skills will empower them to ‘Go and do likewise.’

    Whilst it has been impossible to welcome you into school in recent months, we are committed to the partnership that we have with you as parents. We are a team around your son or daughter and we value working alongside you to support them holistically with their learning and development. I am extremely lucky to work with a committed and hardworking pastoral team who take pride in doing all that they can to support the students in their year groups. If you are concerned about the welfare of your son or daughter, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your child’s tutor is the first point of contact and then relevant Head of Year will support moving forward. If your concern is a safety related, please contact Jo Colby, our Safeguarding and Child Protection Officer. We are ready to support you. Please be assured that all contact and information will be managed sensitively and next steps will always be agreed in partnership.

    Thank you for your continued support of the school. We are excited to see what this term will bring. I believe that I speak for the majority of students, staff and parents, when I say that we are hoping for some ‘normality’ to return. We shall see! I hope that you have a restful weekend.

    Yours sincerely

    Rebecca Alexander

    Deputy Headteacher

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