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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

PE & Sport Clubs

"To provide an inspiring experience to develop a lifelong love of sport and physical activity for all!"


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Extra-Curricular Sports - Term 2 2021-2022

All extra-curricular sports clubs are free of charge and students are invited to turn up on the day.  Students will need to scan a QR code to register their attendance. Students should only wear their PE to school if they have PE. If they have a club after school, they should bring their PE kit and change into their PE kit after school.



After School
3-4pm (except if shown otherwise)





Sports Hall Week 1/2 (Miss Fellowes)

3G Week 1/2 (Mr Carter)

All Years Reading FC ‘Kicks’ Community Football (3-5pm)

YR 7 & 8 Badminton Week 1

YR 9 & 10 Badminton Week 2

YR 12 & 13 Fitness Suite (Mrs Kilby)

YR7 Rowing Club at Henley Rowing Club (invite only)


Sports Hall Week 1/2 (Mrs Hopkins)

3G Week 1/2 (Mr Carter / Mr Williams)

YR 8 Boys Football (Mr Carter)

YR7 Girls Netball: training before half-term & games after half-term

YR8 Girls Netball: games before half-term

YR9/10 Girls Netball

Girls Trampolining Club Yrs9/10/11 (Miss Fellowes)

Girls Gymnastics Club All years (Mrs Hopkins / KB)

YR 9 Fitness Suite (Mrs Kilby)


Sports hall Week 2 only (Mrs Hopkins)

3G Week 2 only (Mr Carter)

YR 7 Boys Football (Mr Goff))

YR 9 Boys Football (Mr Winter)

YR9/10 Girls Basketball (Mrs Hopkins)

Dance All years (Miss Fellowes)

YR 7 Fitness Suite (Mrs Kilby)


Sports Hall Week 2 only (Mrs Kenneally)

3G week 2 only (Mr Carter)

YR 10 Boys Football (Mr Carter / Mr Winter / Mr Goff)

Boys Basketball (Mr Carter)

Yr8 Girls Netball Training (Miss Cahill)

YR 10 Fitness Suite (Mrs Kilby)

YR7/8 Girls Football (Reading Coach)


Sports Hall Week 1 only (Mrs Hopkins)

3G Week 1 only (Mr Carter)

A Level & GCSE Revision – staff to confirm in lesson time


The Piggott School PE Kit