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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

School Captains and Prefects

In 2020, four students (from left) Harry Daisley , Chloe Eames, Maisie Jamieson and Sophie Errington were, after a rigorous selection process, including a digital speech and a staff/student vote, elected by the school community to be our School Captains for 2020-2021.

Harry, an aspiring medical student, is really proud to be selected and says he is “keen to create a really robust, strong community within The Piggott School and think about how we can make the community stronger for everyone; teachers, students and parents.” 

Maisie has had this title in her sights since she started at The Piggott School in 2014, “I’m a leader and I knew this is what I wanted to do, and everything I’ve done has been leading up to this. I feel I’m quite fair and kind and I like to listen to the ideas of others. This role will definitely give us life skills and I feel older and more respected.”

Harry and Maisie performing in the school production of 'Calamity Jane' in 2019.

Coming from The Holt School only a year ago, Chloe felt honoured to be elected by staff and students and is keen to bring some new ideas and make a difference to school life. She believes this role will set them up well for years to come. “The opportunity to interact with different kinds of people to develop skills will be good for us in business because different groups will have different needs and wants that we need to address,” said Chloe.

Finally, Sophie is excited to put her leadership qualities into action, “I feel really proud to represent my school and ever since I came here in 2014 I have wanted to be in a position of leadership. All four of us have different qualities that will make us a really good team.”

Apart from a busy year ahead academically, the School Captains will work hard to fulfil the role, acting as the liaison between the student body and the rest of the school community. They will be expected to chair Student Council meetings and report back to the Governors about the activities taking place in each year group. All four were disappointed that they couldn't show students and parents around the Sixth Form this year, but they played a key role in the series of videos produced for the Sixth Form Open Evening available online now.


School Prefects 2020-2021

Congratulations to our School Prefects for 2020-2021.

Abi MacDonald


Mathew Sullivan


William Hawkins


Emily Cobb


Lydia Atkinson


Patrick Mortimer


Rebecca Toohey


Phoebe Rice


David Gillard


Ava Reineke


Annabelle Hoogenberg


Jake Chadwell


Lauren Leach-Scrivens

History + Year 7

Bethany Penny

Year 7

Lucy Hill

Year 8

Sophie Johnson

Year 8

Alice Marsh

Year 9

Clodagh Malone

Year 9 + Economics

Rosie Foster-Buck


Ele Sparks


Georgie Pollard


Rachel Kernick


Joe Page


Gabriella Hodgson


Alfie Savage


Hayley Turton


Alex Pitfield

Media + KS4

Robyn Wrigley

English + KS4

Jack Masters


Harriet Parsons

Year 12