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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy


Safeguarding continues to have the highest profile at The Piggott School and we remain committed to raising awareness and skill through training, vigilance and ensuring that we fulfil our responsibilities to the school community. We will continue to ensure that the new safeguarding legislation of September 2019 (KCSIE) is adhered to through outstanding practice and procedure across the school community.

Please find below a summary of the Safeguarding work which took place during 2018-19.

  • Annual audit of practice and need completed for the LCSB – we are confident that our practice is compliant to legislation and meeting the needs of our community.
  • Single Central Record and safer recruitment remains central to practice. Rigorous procedural checks are in place for all recruitment into the school. Record keeping remains accurate and timely.
  • New legislation and revised version of Keeping Children Safe in Education issued to staff – signed register to declare that it has been read and accepted.
  • Staff code of conduct issued and signed by all staff.
  • Health and safety briefing given – signed register.
  • Robust record keeping of training in place.
  • Thirteen members of staff are trained to DSL level and we plan to train a further six in June 2020.
  • Recruitment and induction of a Safeguarding and Child Protection Officer – Joanne Colby. With a background in policing, Jo leads within the pastoral team as the first point of contact for all high tier need students, covering Child Protection and mental health assessment, both inside and outside of school.
  • Revised and updated statutory training given to all staff across the year. In accordance with guidance, statutory information provided at the start of the training but with an increased focus on trends topical to our setting – positive mental health, social media and resilience.
  • Safeguarding on site: continuing the culture of challenge, rigorous DBS/ ID checks for visitors and contractors and safety in the car park for students.
  • Safeguarding training given to students throughout the year through assemblies / tutor time – social media, positive mental health, self image, road safety, river safety.
  • We commissioned the LCSB offer of free theatre productions to educate regarding domestic violence (Y10) and use of alcohol (Y9)
  • TVP – a focus week called Operation Sceptre. Tutor time activity and video issued to students to promote discussion and learning around the prevention of knife crime.
  • Addressing local risk : specific drug and alcohol training and awareness given to older cohorts through assemblies and activity days. A focus on making health choices.
  • Continuing strong links with the wider community : Neighbourhood Action Group, neighbourhood policing team, ARC counselling, CAMHs, medical professionals, local health panels.
  • CAMHs – undertaking a second year in the Schools Link project. 18 hours of training and consultation with the primary CAMHS team.
  • The school have committed to Operation Opossum (County Lines) and Operation Encompass (Domestic Violence ) – positive information sharing to keep children safe.
  • A strong focus, rooted in high expectation, remains on record keeping. The processes and procedures are now embedded and being used successfully. They have been tried and tested and are effective in keeping children safe.
  • Regular training opportunity to brief staff and refresh practice in weekly briefings.
  • Weekly briefing to all staff regarding individual cases and the support / action required to safeguard individuals.
  • Weekly discussions take place between Senior Leadership team regarding staff wellbeing and any individual support required for staff members.
  • Bespoke and targeted work for individual pupils as required – evidenced by case studies and safeguarding recording keeping.

Priorities for the next academic year:

  • To continue to review and update Safeguarding practice to ensure that it is robust, efficient and securing a high level of service to our young people and school community.
  • To respond to any changes and trends through education, empowerment and training.
  • To maximise opportunities to secure positive mental health and wellbeing for all members of the community.
  • To continue to develop strong links and partnerships with external providers in order to keep young people safe.