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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy



The past year has been a complex mix of online teaching, on-site teaching and on-site testing, as teachers aim to keep the standards of learning high despite the inevitable disruption.

It was an incredible team effort to meet the DfE guidelines for the safe return to school; it took a whole school community taskforce to make it happen and ensure we could achieve the epic challenge swiftly, smoothly and safely.

We cannot thank our school community enough for their support and words of encouragement throughout this challenging and unprecedented time. We have tried to capture as many of these messages on our website here.

We have no doubt that Piggott students will demonstrate their resilience and courage once again, as they return to school in these unusual circumstances and take it all in their stride. 

The safety and wellbeing of Piggott students and staff is our number one priority and will continue to dictate the decisions we make in relation to the transition back to school. Thank you for your patience, support and understanding.

See the Covid Testing Centre Gallery in the right tab.


Parent feedback

Thank you for the many messages of encouragement we have received. We will continue to support families as much as we can to ensure students receive the highest quality learning experience remotely. The positive messages from our parents we receive on a daily basis have really kept our staff buoyant at such a challenging time.



Return to School Plan

Please see copies of the correspondence below outlining the return to school plans from 8th March.

Student Wellbeing

The school nursing advice line has a new number!

Your School Nursing service is aware that the Coronavirus pandemic continues to be a difficult and worrying time for everyone and during this time there have been additional pressures on children, families and young people. We are here to help with advice and support regarding physical or emotional concerns.

The School Nursing advice line is available to support children, young people and their families who live in West Berkshire, Reading, Wokingham and Bracknell; it is an easy way to reach us, is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm and can give you the advice and support you need.

Call us on 0300 365 0010

Covid-19 Catch Up Plan

Please click the links below for documents relating to our Covid-19 catch up plan.

Covid-19 Catch up plan for Years 7-10 - updated 23 May 2021
Covid-19 Catch up plan for Year 11 - updated 25th January 2022
Covid-19 Catch up plan for Year 13 - updated 25th January 2022

Covid-19 Catchup Plan 2020 - 23 - Feb 2022 Update

Covid-19 16 - 19 Catch Up Fund 2021
Covid-19 16 - 19 Catch Up Fund 2020

COVID 16 - 19 Catchup fund 2020 Review of Impact and Costs final

  1. Letter to Parents - 24 January 2022
  2. Wargrave Site Contingency Framework January 2022
  3. Wargrave Site Risk Assessment January 2022
  4. Letter to Parents 12 November 2021
  5. Letter to Parents 11th October 2021
  6. Letter to Parents with PHE Guidance 23 Sept 2021
  7. Covid Flyer for Parents and Carers
  8. Wargrave Site Contingency Framework Sept 2021
  9. Wargrave Site Risk Assessment Sept 2021
  10. Wargrave Site Risk Assessment May 2021
  11. Summer School 2021
  12. Letter to Parents 14 May 2021
  13. Letter to parents 18th March 2021
  14. Letter to Parents 9th March 2021
  15. Letter to Parents 8th March 2021 regarding Face Coverings (1)
  16. Rapid testing - schools PDF - 040321 - final
  17. Letter to Students and Parents 5th March 2021
  18. Letter to Parents 3rd March 2021
  19. Step by Step Guide to LFT at The Piggott School - Guide for the testing bay
  20. Student guide to LFT testing at The Piggott School
  21. Letter to Parents 26th February 2021
  22. Letter to Parents 24th February 2021 LFT
  23. Lateral Flow Testing Update
  24. Letter to school community - LFD testing centre 8th March.docx
  25. Letter to Parents 23rd February 2021
  26. Headteacher update letter to parents 4th February 2021
  27. November 2020 - On site learning at The Piggott School (1)
  28. November 2020 - Whole School Re-opening Wargrave site
  29. September 2020 - On site learning at The Piggott School
  30. September 2020 - Whole School Re-opening Wargrave site
  31. June 2020 - Whole School Re-opening Wargrave Site Risk Assessment
  32. January 2021 - Whole School Re-opening Wargrave Site Risk Assessment
  33. January 2021 - On site learning at The Piggott School
  34. January 2021 - Lateral Flow testing - Wargrave Site Risk Assessment
  35. June 2020 - Practical learning - Re-opening Wargrave Site Risk Assessment
  36. Remote Learning Expectations for Pupils and Parents
  37. Letter to Parents 25 January 2021
  38. Letter to Parents 5 January 2021
  39. Letter to Schools Their Communities 20 10 21