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Understanding apprenticeships

In essence, an apprenticeship is a job. You’ll spend 80% of the working week at your place of employment, and 20% at your place of study.

You’ll earn a salary, and your course fees will be covered by your employer and the government. You just need to be willing to manage your time between work and study.

Choosing an Apprenticeship

There are many different apprenticeships you can apply for depending on your existing qualifications across a broad range of different industries.

There are hundreds of different apprenticeships to choose from. To apply for one, you’ll need to create an account on the find an apprenticeship service. You can also save any apprenticeships you like and then apply for them later. 

If you’ve seen an apprenticeship you like on the employer’s website, you can apply for it directly.

Once you find the right apprenticeship, you’ll need a CV and a cover letter to apply. If you need help, find out how to write a CV.

It's a good idea to apply for a few apprenticeships at a time. This increases your chances and means you’re not waiting for a response from one employer.

It's normal to feel nervous when you're applying for an apprenticeship or waiting to hear back from an employer. Try to find out the closing date of the application as this may give you a clue about when you’ll hear back.

It usually takes a few applications to find the right apprenticeship. So if you don’t hear back or get an interview, don’t take it personally - it’s normal and happens to everyone. 

National Apprenticeship Week - Monday 5th to Friday 9th February.

Each day you can discover something new about what’s on offer and what’s involved in studying while working.

  • Hear from current apprentices about their experiences.

  • Meet and speak to employers apprenticeship providers about what opportunities await you.

  • Get expert advice on choosing between your options after school or college.

  • Join us live to find out how you can land your dream apprenticeship.


Past Piggott Students that chose an Apprenticeship






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