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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

Thought-provoking performance

On Wednesday 24th November, the Wokingham based charity Soulscape delivered a PSHE workshop to the Year 10 pupils. Soulscape partners with schools in Wokingham and Bracknell to help deliver effective RE and PSHE lessons, and to create a space where pupils can talk about sensitive issues. Soulscape partnered with sixth form pupils from READ College, Reading to deliver their OBJECT Workshop which explored issues around pornography, relationships and self-image.

They delivered a brilliantly choreographed, honest and thought-provoking 20-minute theatre presentation followed by a 25-minute small group discussion, led by the sixth form performers.

It was an excellent opportunity for the pupils to engage with a sensitive topic and to explore follow-up questions with leaders closer in age. The feedback from Year 10 was extremely positive, with most finding the session very helpful, educational and relatable. They appreciated the open environment, honest conversation and theatre performance that highlighted the impact of pornography on relationships in young people.

What did the students think?

"The workshop was “an excellent learning & educational experience.”

"The leaders “weren’t judgemental, and they included everyone in their conversations and discussions. They listened to everyone and were easy to talk to.”

“I thought it was a very good and enjoyable performance with a very strong message behind it. I found it very helpful to discuss these issues with non-judgemental leaders.”

"The drama students made us feel very comfortable and welcome, they allowed us to talk about anything and were very relatable to our age group.”

“They made me feel very comfortable and had good questions to discuss, it helped me a lot to talk about awkward topics with them.”

“… I think we need more of these sessions”

“100% recommend”

"I thought today's theatre production was very informative. The fact that the group was young made it more relatable and I thought their acting pointed us all to think about the issues raised. The important messages came across clearly and strongly."