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Charvil Piggott Primary School

Part of the Piggott Church of England Academy



At the Piggott School: Charvil Primary we aim to prepare our children for Key Stage 3 and beyond by giving them a high quality education in English which will enable them to confidently communicate their knowledge, creative thinking and emotions effectively through their writing. Through our reading and writing curricula, our pupils, will have explored a breadth of human experiences and emotions, both inside and outside of their own worlds, helping to develop the qualities that make up our wider school Christian values: respect, equality, honesty, dedication, courage and love. 


We will strive to ensure our students develop confidence in their ability to write both creatively and academically. It is our vision that students leave The Piggott School: Charvil Primary able to communicate fluently, critically and respectfully, so they are able to immerse themselves in the wider world as kind and compassionate young people. 

In implementing our vision, English lessons are carefully planned to ensure we expose our students to a range of challenging and engaging fiction and non-fiction texts. We will explore texts of different genres, time periods, forms and cultures, not only reading, analysing and evaluating them but using them as a spring board for our own writing. Our English lessons also allow ample opportunity to develop communication through speaking and listening to one another. All lessons are underpinned by the need to support and challenge students whatever their starting ability, encouraging students to become independent and resilient learners. 

Learning Journey

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Curriculum Maps