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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

School Governance

Annual Accounts


Value For Money Statements


Executive Summary of the Governor Role

Governor with responsibility for Admissions:

- to keep under review documentation provided for parents in connection with the admissions and appeals processes and annually recommend to the Full Governing Body (FGB) the Admissions Procedures for the School (incl. criteria for oversubscription), proposing changes when relevant

- to call upon named Governors to whom the responsibility has been delegated, to consider and determine all applications for admissions to the school in accordance with the agreed policy (authority is delegated to the Head Teacher to admit applicants when such admission will not cause the number in the relevant year group to exceed the PAN)

- ensure that the annual consultation process is carried out properly, including FGB approval

- to present the Governors’ case at Admissions Appeals hearings

Governor with responsibility for Equalities and Inclusion

- to ensure equality of opportunity for all students regardless of ability, aptitude, physical access and background

- to have oversight of and annually recommend Equalities Objectives to the Full Governing Body (FGB)

- to report to the FGB on the School’s SEN procedures and advise on how they are impacting on the achievement of students with learning difficulties

- to have oversight of the impact of the SEN budget on learning outcomes (especially in relation to ‘Closing the Gap’)

- to provide support for the School’s Inclusion Manager

Governor with responsibility for Facilities:

- monitor budget and programme for internal maintenance across both sites

- monitor and maintain the Conditions Survey and Asset Management for both sites.

- to keep the School’s Health and Safety (H & S) procedures under review (incl Risk Assessments)

- Monitor the IT infrastructure, maintenance and upgrades across both sites

- liaise with the Chair of Governors and the Lead Governor for Finance, to advise on major anticipated expenditure required for

a) H&S reasons

b) curriculum requirements

c) planned improvements for outdated facilities

Governor with responsibility for School Finance:

- to make contact with the business manager monthly to monitor the budget throughout the year, investigating and reporting on material deviations from budget (both at school and departmental level)

- to propose an annual budget for the approval of the full Governing Body

- in collaboration with two additional governors (one being the Chair or the Vice-Chair of Governors) to consider and, if thought fit, approve by delegated authority, exceptional terms of additional expenditure up to a limit of 2% of the year’s budgeted expenditure; such approval is delegated to the Head Teacher up to a limit of 1%.

- to ensure, as far as is possible, that financial procedures and expectations required by law, by the DfE and by the School’s auditors are in place and being properly implemented.


- to oversee the annual audit and accounts process.

- to carry out a termly audit of the Head Teacher’s expenses.

- to ensure an annual audit by an external provider takes place.

Governor with responsibility for Leadership and Management:

- to monitor and, where necessary and/or appropriate, challenge the School’s development priorities and its self-evaluation of progress towards these priorities undertaken by the senior leaders

- to be aware of the leadership opportunities being made available to all members of staff

- providing support for the Head Teacher to enable rigorous and robust management, especially at times when difficult personnel decisions must be made

- to work with the Head Teacher to ensure that all Governors remain aware of their responsibilities to challenge and hold senior staff to account for student achievement.

Governor with responsibility for Safeguarding:

- to have oversight of all safeguarding procedures (staff and student) in school

- to regularly (at least annually) ensure the Single Central Register is up-dated and complete

- understand the steps being taken to ensure all students are kept safe

Governor with responsibility for Standards, Achievement, Learning and Teaching (SALT):

- to have oversight of and recommend to the Full Governing Body (FGB) challenging achievement targets for all learners

- to monitor the plans and actions taken at school to ensure progress towards these targets

- review learner outcomes e.g. external examination results in the light of the targets set and report regularly on these to the FGB

- to monitor funding, learning needs/provision, curriculum and standards for all students including subgroups of pupils;

- to understand and monitor the steps being taken to improve standards of teaching and learning for all students and cohorts of students, in order for achievement targets to be achieved

- to anticipate and be aware of the implications of curriculum developments proposed internally and/or required by the DfE; to provide a challenging sounding board for SLT’s plans and to monitor the impact (in learning outcomes, if possible) of specific curriculum developments

- to regularly review and make recommendations to the Governing Body in respect of the school’s curriculum aims

- to monitor and review curriculum plans as part of the School’s budget preparation, considering the impact of these plans on resources, school organisation and future learning outcomes

- to make recommendations to the Governing Body for the School’s Improvement Plan

- to ensure the school is promoting British Values and is adhering to the Prevent policy .

Governor with responsibility for Staff and Governor Development:

- to monitor appointments of all staff

- to monitor the performance review procedures and ensure arrangements are in place for the Head Teacher’s appraisal

- to take responsibility for Governor induction and on-going training


- to ensure strategies are in place for succession planning, especially in respect of professional development (CPD) opportunities that enable staff and Governors to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of leadership and management

- to monitor the objectives set at the last Investors in People assessment.

Governor with responsibility for the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of all pupils:-

Responsibilities: Recognising that the school aims to preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England, the Committee will advise the Governing Body on its statutory obligations and in particular it will:

1. Formulate, review and monitor the policy on: -

i. Collective Worship

ii. Anti-bullying

iii. International policy

2. Ensure the provision of Collective Christian Worship for students at the School reflects both the spirit and letter of the law.

3. Working with members of the School’s Leadership Team and Head of Religious Education to monitor and evaluate the provision for and outcomes of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education and Collective Worship at the school, drawing upon the guidance of the SIAMS Self-Evaluation and Inspection Framework.

4. Contribute to, monitor and support the work of the School within the community, in particular its work with other Church schools, local and national charities, the Diocese of Oxford, local parishes and people from other faith communities, to further enhance community cohesion. Review Charitable giving from across the School through regular report at SMSC meetings

5. Encourage, promote, facilitate and celebrate activities that bring to life the School’s values of Courage, Respect, Honesty, Dedication, Equality and Love, (e.g. voluntary service within the local community including through Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and National Citizen Service).

Terms of reference for the Strategy Group

 To develop, and have oversight of, the strategic plan including development and improvement priorities for the school over the medium and long term

 Monitor and review progress against agreed strategic goals

 To create, and have oversight of, the school’s vision and ethos

 To plan for succession including that of the Governing Body


 To ensure the Governing Body has sufficient skills

 To monitor and improve the quality and impact of governance

 Review the governance structures and processes as and when the size of the school changes in size, scale or complexity

 To undertake decisions that are delegated by the Governing Body

Current Strategy Group Foci:

 MAT conversion

 Grammar schools

 Restructure of support staff