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Charvil Piggott Primary School

Part of the Piggott Church of England Academy

Trip to the Living Rainforest

Year 4 Trip to the Living Rainforest – Thursday 9th November 2017

On our school trip to the living rainforest at the start we got into our groups and went for a look around the living rainforest. At first, we went to a small part of the rainforest where we could look around later on we went to a bigger part of the rainforest. And the adults told us all about the animals and what you can find here for about one hour. Then we had lunch. After we had another look around the rainforest and then we went to a part we had not been to yet. There was a lizard in the cage. It was very cool. Then we got a man who gave us a tour and told us more about the animals and plants here. After that it was time to go. Then we tidied up area and then we went out of our area and walked out of the building to go to the coach to go home.


Harrison and Charlotte – Year 4