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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

Staff List

Leadership Team
Mr D Gray
Head Teacher  
Please contact Caroline Preston
Mr T Griffith
Deputy Head (Curriculum)
Mrs R Alexander Deputy Head (Pastoral)
Mrs L May Deputy Head Teacher (Charvil)
Mrs V Hunt
Assistant Head Teacher
Ms K Thornton
Assistant Head Teacher
Mr D Thatcher
Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs M Bird
Assistant Head Teacher
Mr A MacLeod Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs P Bhardwaj Finance Officer
Mr D Corringham Premises Manager
Mr J Fisher IT Systems Manager
Mrs C Preston PA to Headteacher
Mrs L Paine
Admissions Officer and Timetabler
Mrs C Cook
Data Officer
Mrs T Duggan
Examinations and Data Officer
Mrs T Fish
KS5 Pastoral Assistant
Mrs M Coles
KS4 Pastoral Assistant
Mrs A Amor
KS3 Pastoral Assistant
Mrs D Jessup


Mrs J Wiseman
Science Admin. Assistant
Mrs J Frost
Maths Administrator
Mrs J Wiseman
Science Administrator
Mrs H Mitchell
Finance Assistant
Mrs R Marr
Clerk to the Governors
Mrs D Corp
Student Services/First Aid
Mrs A Ridd
Library Assistant
Mrs L Pearce
Mrs D Malyon
Mrs S Pollard
Mrs S Haywood
Mrs J Brooks
NQT Administration, Art/MFL Technician
Mrs S. Franklin
Subject Leader,
Miss K. Thornton 
Assistant Head Teacher
Miss N. Cooper
Art Teacher, Year 11 Mentor
Ms S. Foster
Art Teacher, Head of Year 7
Mrs G. Pattison
Art Teacher, Year 10 Mentor
Ms E. Wheeler
Associate Teacher
Mrs J. Brooks
Art Admin
Mr J. Hickling
Art Technician
Business Studies & Economics 
Mr C Drosdzowski
Subject Leader
Mr A Lawson
Head of Key Stage 4
Mr A Pearce
Economics Co-ordinator
Mrs L Goldie
Business Studies Teacher
Miss A Hurling Business Studies Teacher  
Careers & Personal Development 
Mrs K McNaughton
(Head of Year 13),  Careers and Learning for Life Co-ordinator
Mrs C Brooks
Careers Advisor Sixth Form
Mrs T Noyes
Careers Advisor Key Stage 4
Design & Technology
Mrs K Thornton DT Subject Leader
Mrs L Austin
Food & Nutrition Teacher Textiles Subject Leader
Mrs L Parker
Subject Leader: Product Design
Mr A Demby-Wheeler
Design & Technology Teacher
Mr V Guest
Design & Technology Teacher
Miss J Whitfield Associate Design & Technology Teacher  
Miss R Riley
Food and Nutrition Teacher
(Maternity leave)
Miss W Espley
Food, Nutrition and Catering, Year 12 Mentor
Mrs D Dormer
Food & Textiles Technician
Mrs N Cryer
Design & Technology Technician
Mrs M Tomo
Head of Drama
Miss S Parsons
Drama Teacher
Miss G Swanborough Head of English  
Mrs P Reardon-Morgan
KS5 English Co-ordinator
Ms J Humphrey
Head of Media Studies/English Teacher
Mrs P Brophy
English/Psychology teacher/GTP Mentor
Mr P Smith
Deputy Head of Year 10
Miss A Haroon
English teacher, KS3 Leader
Mrs V Hunt
English teacher,
Assistant Head Teacher
Mr C McGinnity
English/Media teacher/Primary Outreach/ Literacy Leaders, Deputy Head of Year 9
Ms K Marriott
English teacher
Mrs L Hutchins
English LSA
Miss M Watters
English Teacher
Miss B Liberda English Teacher  
Ms M Browne English Teacher  
Mr J Kendle Schools Direct English Teacher  
Ms S Ferguson Temporary English Teacher  
Mr J Andrews
Subject Leader of Geography
Mr A Dusterhoft
Head of Key Stage 5
Mr A MacLeod
Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Boyer Geography Teacher  
Mrs N Woodward Geography Teacher, Deputy Head of Year 11  
Health and Social Care
Miss L Bailes
Subject Leader, Deputy Head of Year 7
Mrs K McNaughton
History and Politics
Miss J Curtis
Subject Leader History, Year 13 Mentor
Mr R Daniels
History Teacher
Mrs D Gray
Subject Leader Sociology
Mrs I Nash
Head of Key Stage 3
Mrs M Bird
Assistant Head Teacher
ICT Computing
Mrs P Bhattacharya
Head of ICT / Computing/ICT Teacher/FROG Co-ordinator
Mr D Jones
Associate Teacher ICT
Ms K Wicks Computing Teacher  
Learning Support
Mrs Viki Hunt

Assistant HeadTeacher / SENCo
Mrs G Carey 
Inclusion Manager / Specialist Assessor
Mrs M Brophy Lead LSA  
Mrs M Moody
Anxiety Mentor
Mrs C Cann Dyslexia Coach  
Mrs A Marsh Maths Coach  
Mrs S Woodcock Specialist LSA (Visual Impairment) and Bailist  
Mrs E James Specialist LSA (Visual & Hearing Impairment) and Bailist  
Mrs C Duncan Specialist LSA (Hearing Impairment)  
Mrs J Cassingham Specialist in Training (Hearing Impairment)  
Mrs E Beeton English LSA  
Mrs J Care English LSA  
Mrs L Huchins English LSA  
Mrs J Scott English LSA  
Mrs B Fox Maths LSA  
Mr P Mulligan Maths LSA  
Mrs C Abbott LSA  
Mrs S Allen LSA  
Mrs S Bell LSA  
Mrs D Boshier LSA  
Mrs M Bush LSA  
Mrs J Davies LSA  
Mrs R Giles LSA  
Miss M Haines LSA  
Mrs D Kirby LSA  
Mrs D Meldrum LSA  
Miss A Shivakumar LSA  
Mrs E Taylor LSA  
Mrs E Walter LSA  
Mrs L Worth LSA  
Mr M Connor
Subject Leader and Co-ordinator for Spanish
Mrs R Brookfield  
Co-ordinator for French
Mrs C Taylor
Co-ordinator for German
Mrs A Stewart
Spanish/French Teacher, Head of Year 12
Mrs S Schgor
German/French/Spanish Teacher, Year 7 Mentor
Mr S Darey
German/French Teacher
Miss L Reynolds
French/Spanish Teacher
Mrs J Forrer
Chinese Teacher
Mrs S Rawlings
German/French Teacher
Primary Outreach, Year 9 Mentor
Mr T Perkins
Languages Technician
Mrs J Brooks
Admin MFL
Mrs E. Williams Admin MFL  
Mrs S Seddon
Mrs A Ridd
Library Assistant
Miss S Forrest
Head of Mathematics
Mr T Griffith
Deputy Head (Curriculum)
Miss S Elliot Leader of KS5 Mathematics  
Mr J Crawley Leader of Year 7 and 8 Mathematics  
Miss J Dalgleish
Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs B Fox
Maths Learning Coach
Mrs J Frost
Maths Administrator
Mr R Goff Maths Teacher
Mrs K Hillyard Maths Teacher  
Mrs S Kashyap Maths Teacher  
Mrs V Knopp Maths Teacher (Maternity leave)
Mr J Mannering Teacher & KS4 Higher Tier Development  
Mrs A Marsh
Maths Learning Coach
Miss L Mountford
Maths Teacher
Mrs K Rees Maths Teacher
Ms J Walden Maths Teacher  
Mr P Mulligan Maths LSA  
Media Studies
Ms J Humphrey
Head of Media/English Teacher
Mr C McGinnity
Teacher of Media
Miss J Sherwood
Subject Leader
Mrs S Taylor
Physical Education
Mrs K Hopkins
Subject Leader (Maternity Leave)
Mr S Kenneally Acting Head of PE
Miss L Fellowes
Teacher of PE, Year 8 Mentor
Miss R Kenneally
Teacher of PE, Head of Year 8
Mr A Freeman
Teacher of PE,  Leadership Co-ordinator,

3G Pitch Consortium Leader and
Head of Sports Coaching Academy
Mr R Williams
Teacher of PE,
Head of Year 11
Miss D Gardner
Teacher of PE, Head of Year 9
Mr D Thatcher
Assistant Head Teacher
Mr A Robinson
Football Coaching (VRQ)
Mr D Winter
PE Teacher
Mr R Goff PE Teacher  
Miss M Haines
Mr S Bowers Apprentice  
Miss L Blake PE Teacher (Maternity Cover)  
Mrs P Brophy
 Subject Leader
Religious Education
Miss S Cresswell
Subject Leader Religious Education
Mrs D Gray
Mrs K McNaughton
 Head of Year 13
Miss L Bailes
Mrs D Gray
Subject Leader (Sociology)
Mrs K McNaughton
Sociology Teacher, Head of Year 13 / Head of Careers
Mrs N Blythin
Head of Science
Miss A Trollope
Subject Leader for Physics
Ms V Tompsett
KS5 Vocational Science
Mrs F Apsey
(Maternity leave)
Mr R Kaleem
Biology/Science KS3/4 Teacher
Miss S Cartmell
Head of Year 10
Mrss J Lwanga
Mrs O Elliott
Ms M Szypkowski
Dr E George
Science Teacher
Ms V Colucci
Associate Teacher
Mrs A Norris
Senior Science Technician
Mr A Connors          
Science Technician
Mrs J Wiseman
Administrative Assistant
Mrs A Goodall Science Teacher  
Mrs S McKenna Science Teacher  
Mrs F Palmer Science Teacher  
Miss S Rance Science Teacher  
Mr L Boehmer Science Teacher  
Mrs N Jordan-Lewis Science Teacher  
Work Skills
Mrs K McNaughton
Subject Leader WorkSkills, Head of Year 13 & Careers and Learning for Life Co-ordinator
Mrs C Brooks
Careers  Manager
Mrs D Jessup
Site Controllers
Mr F Ponton  
Site Controller
Mr W Matthew
Assistant Site Controller
Mr P Mackie
Primary Site Controller
Mr A Connor
Science Technician
Mrs D Dormer
Design Technology Technician
Mrs N Cryer
Design Technology Technician
Mr T Perkins
Languages Technician
Mr J Fisher
IT Systems Manager
Mr A Riley
IT Support Technician
Mr J Hickling
Art Technician
Mrs . Brooks
Art/MFL Technician