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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

School Bus Timetable

For details of fares and how to apply please call (0118) 9793983

All coaches depart Piggott at the end of the school day at 3:07


7:50        Remenham Hill
7:51        White Hill
7:56        Warren Row Road/Hatchgate Lane
8:20        The Piggott School


7:50        Shurlock Row
7:52        The Street/Hungerford Lane
7:54        Beenham Heath/Downfield Road
7:55        Waltham St Lawrence (Triangle)
7:57        Waltham St Lawrence (The Bell)
8:02        Woodland Park Shops
8:06        Cannon Lane/Sandisplatt
8:09        A4 Country House Hotel Bus Stop
8:15        Knowl Hill (Church/Café) Bath Road
8:16        Knowl Hill (Old Devil Inn)
8:17        Knowl Hill (Horse & Groom)
8:20        The Piggott School