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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

Pupil Premium

Background on Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding, received from the Government, is additional to main school funding. It is the money received for students who are or have been in receipt of free school meals. The amount per eligible student has risen over the last two years and will rise again to £935 next year. The impact of the funding can be seen in a narrowing of the achievement gap between FSM students and others and in the rise of attainment in literacy and numeracy.

School leaders have the freedom to spend the Pupil Premium in a way which they think will best support the raising of attainment for these pupils;  accompanying this freedom is the responsibility to report on Pupil Premium allocation, spend and impact.

Use of Pupil Premium at the Piggott School

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2016-17

Disadvantaged Pupils Action plan 2016-17
Disadvantaged Pupils Impact plan 2017
Pupil Premium Statement 2016-17

Pupil Premium Analysis 2014-15
PP Action & Impact Plan 2015 -16
Pupil Premium - Statement 2015-16


Financial Help

16-19 Bursary Fund for Young People

The Government has set aside some money for schools, colleges, training providers and local authorities to allocate to young people who need financial support to stay on in further education or training. This is called the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

It could help you with any education-related costs that may arise during the school year, including essentials like a meal during the day or transport to your school, college or training provider. Or you might need extra help to buy additional books, clothing or equipment for your course, or pay for educational visits.

For further information, see:

Download ‘The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund: your questions answered (April 2013)’

Free School Meals

Did you know that your child could qualify for free school meals? That means no bills but delicious, healthy meals for your children.

School meals will give your child a real appetite for learning and help them to achieve their full potential. There is nothing healthier for your child and your family’s budget than free school meals. As someone else is preparing the meals for your child, it saves you having to worry about the effort and expense of making packed lunches every day.

What is more, if your are eligible, you will be helping the school community at large by registering for Free School Meals. For every Free School Meal registration made, the school receives improved funding.

Your child may be entitled to receive free school meals if you are entitled to receive one or more of the following:

  • Income Support (IS)
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (JSAIB) (If you receive contribution-based Jobseekers Allowance you will not qualify.)
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Child Tax Credit (CTC) provided you do not receive Working Tax Credit and that your annual income (as assessed by her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) does not exceed £16,190.
  • Guaranteed Pension Credit (GPC)
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Working Tax Credit ‘run on’ - payment you receive for a further 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
  • Young people who receive Income Support (IS) or Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (IBJSA) in their own right are also entitled to receive free school meals at sixth form.

Did you know…?

….that entitlement to receive free school meals on these criteria applies to all pupils at the Piggott School, including those in the Sixth Form.

…that pupils claiming Free School Meals have a really wide choice of options every day – ranging from a full set meal with pudding and a drink to a Sandwich, Baguette, Jacket Potato or Pasta King – all with fruit and a drink.

….that there is no fuss at the tills for pupils claiming Free School Meals. With our new cashless catering system, every student scans their finger/thumb at the till – everyone goes through the identical process. The system is so discrete in fact that even the till operators cannot see the status of student accounts.

To Apply for Free School Meals

Please visit the Wokingham Borough Council - School Meals website page, where you will be able to download a leaflet about free school meals and an application form.

Once completed, you can attach proof of your benefit and return it to the Finance Office at the Piggott School.

Year 7 Pupil Premium Catch Up

This funding is to provide additional teaching support to pupils who have not reached level 4 in reading and/or mathematics at the end of year 6. For more information click below:

The use and impact of the Y7 Catch-Up Premium 2014/15

In September 2014 there were 20 students eligible for the catch up premium. The allocation for these pupils was £10,000

As in previous years we are using the Year 7 Catch-Up Premium to provide catch up support in literacy and/or numeracy as appropriate for the individual pupils. All eligible pupils are receiving small group teaching to enable them to benefit from extra individual attention. Many of the lessons also have at least one learning support assistant in the class.

Specific support in English
  • 3 students receiving weekly 1:1 support with reading in registration time with Learning Support Assistants and Learning Mentors. Help with recognising words, comprehension, selecting books, meeting their reading targets
  • 7 students receiving weekly 1:1 support with reading in lesson time with Learning Support Assistants. Help with recognising words, comprehension, selecting books, meeting their reading targets
  • 2 students receiving weekly 1:1 support with Dyslexia coach
  • Support for the provision of the Accelerated Reader resource
Specific support in mathematics
  • 20 students receiving weekly 1:1 support in registration time and some lesson time from a learning mentor. Help with basic numeracy skills inc times tables, number bonds and mental methods.
  • Supporting the provision of online resources including and
  • Purchase of Mathletics software to support the learning of the students

25% of these pupils for English have already made two sub-levels of progress (at the start of Year 8)

67% of these pupils for English have already made one sub-level of progress (at the start of Year 8)

11% of these pupils for mathematics have already made two sub-levels of progress (at the start of Year 8).

83% of these pupils for mathematics have already made one sub-level of progress (at the start of Year 8).

Part of the role of 1:1 support is to gain trust and instill confidence in students. This scheme enables students to develop a positive attitude to school and a confident attitude towards learning. Mentors liaise with subject teachers regarding task management and the progress of the students. Future intervention strategies are developed through a dialogue between them both.

A detailed budget analysis is available on request.