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The Piggott School

A Church of England Academy

Sports Day

A celebration of sport at The Piggott School was welcomed by the pupils, parents and staff.  The day could not have been more lovely for our school’s annual occasion of sporting triumph!  Ms Creswell’s ice lollies, beautiful sunshine and the lush green grass of our school field filled the atmosphere with fun and relaxation for the excited spectators. 

Nerves were high for the competitors, as they took part in races that included the 800 meters and relay races!  St. Patricks was the winning house and deserved all the credit for being so dedicated and working as a team to win.  As Mr Kenneally stated at the end, St Patricks have not come out on top for at least 8 years, so this was a much hoped for victory.  We will all be interested to see if they can replicate their brilliant performance next year too! Well done to all who took part and made the day a wonderful spectacle in our school calendar.


Miss Haroon.

Article for Sports Day 2017