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Charvil Piggott Primary School

Part of the Piggott Church of England Academy

Daily Mile Fundraising

We are helping the school to raise funds for a Daily Mile track. The team of runners will be running the Reading Half Marathon on Sunday 5th April 2020. Please visit the link below to donate:


Running Blog




So, someone said “let’s run Reading Half Marathon and raise some money for school”….  It seemed like a fabulous idea, immediately we signed up. We then realised that there would be a little more involved than just “signing up”.  We both love a parkrun, we love a natter and some fresh air, but that’s for 3 miles, not over 13! This is when it dawned on us that we would actually have to run that far.

We went to the pub and put together our comprehensive weekly training plan.  And, of course, we didn’t stick to it.  We have been really good at preparing our bodies though.  Apparently you need to eat and drink plenty before a long run. The Coppa Club has been helping us with our training regime in this area.  Maybe a sponsorship in the making there….? We did also try to run. We run every week, once, twice, sometimes three times.  We talk, a lot, we get rained on, get cold, blown along, slip in mud, splash in puddles and get soaked feet and talk some more.  On race day, what will we talk about for 2 ½ hours? 

Gradually we are building up the distance.  Last week we were striding along, looking amazing, completing our longest run to date: 9 ½ miles! About 4 miles in, despite our incredible gazelle like speed and grace, we were overtaken by a faster runner... oh hello Mr Hamilton! Good to see another crazy team mate out pounding the streets on a cold evening.

So there’s 8 weeks to go, that’s not long. A 10 miler planned and maybe 11, when can we start to taper?

Sarah Hilling and Cathy Jeffery